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5 Minute Dapper Resources

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In the PASS Insights video, we saw how to quickly get Dapper up and running. If you want to play around with it yourself, here are the scripts and source files that were used in the demo: Full Database Script:  Source Code:  For more free videos on SQL and C#, check out Tim’s YouTube channel at https://YouTube.com/IAmTimCorey. If you want to see how C# and SQL fit together in the real world, check out the course C# Application from Start to Finish.

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Handling Exceptions in C# – Video and Resources

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How to Handle Exceptions Correctly Handling exceptions is about more than just putting try catch blocks in your code. Where you put them is very important. It is also important to know when not to put a try catch in your code. This video covers the best practices of exception handling as well as how to rethrow exceptions, create new exceptions, and capture specific exceptions. Project file download:

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