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Career Mentorship

Take Your C# Career To The Next Level

This offer closes May 25, 2018! Also, the cost is $297 for this first run only (a $200 reduction). Normally it is $497.

Whether you are looking for your first job or have been a C# developer for years, identifying the next step to take can be difficult. The longer you struggle taking the next step though, the longer it will be until you get that raise or that new job. That is where a career mentorship can be huge! So let’s look at what you will get if you purchase this mentorship:

  • Resume Review – Tim will identify your visible weak spots and areas you need to tweak
  • Project Assessment – Tim will evaluate a simple project that you will be given to assess your initial skills
  • Desired Career Path Evaluation – Tim will go over where you want to go, help you identify what it will take to get there, and then start you down that path
  • Demo Project Review – You will work on a project throughout the month. At key points (around once a week), Tim will review your progress and identify areas to improve.
  • Identify a Career Plan – At the end of the mentorship, we will identify a career plan with steps to continue the progress you made.

Here are some of the key details to know:

  • The mentorship officially starts June 1, 2018.
  • The program will last approximately 4 weeks.
  • There is a limited amount of spots so get in quick.
  • This is an email-based mentorship. This is what keeps the costs of this program as low as it is.
  • The discount is because this is the first online mentorship offered by IAmTimCorey.com. Rates will go back up to normal the next time this is offered.
  • There will be pre-work assigned the week before the mentorship starts. This includes preparing a resume, taking the project assessment, and taking a career goal survey.
  • This is a live one-on-one mentorship. It cannot be postponed or done later. You will need to be an active participant.
  • There will be homework every week. Be prepared to work.

So if you ready to kick your career into high gear, take advantage of this offer while you can. It won’t last forever.

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