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Intro to Bootstrap in ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core

Simple Things You Can Do To Make Great Layouts

Using C# on the web is a great way to expand your audience. However, this requires you to learn more than just C#. You need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to complete your user interface design. In this video, I am going to get you started by walking you through the basics of Bootstrap, which is the web framework of choice for both ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core MVC. We will see what it is, how to use it, and how to make it even better.

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  • Christi says:

    Hi Tim!
    I really admire you and I start watching your videos on YouTube 2 days ago and I’m really addicted, you have a great way for explaining things! I hope you will never stop recording for YouTube.
    I’m new in programming languages and I would like to ask you something about these languages… I tried C++, Python and some Windowsform applications in C# so for and some friends they said that It’s better if a work with only one at the begin. So what do you thing, it’s C# a good language to start with?

    Sorry for my grammar mistakes English isn’t my first language.

    • Tim Corey says:

      It is best to focus on one language and learn it well. Yes, learning C# is a great language to learn first. It is mature, not too hard to get started in, and it can be run on any platform.

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