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ASP.NET MVC Data Access in C# – Video and Resources

The Complete Path From Database to Display and Back

Tutorials are excellent at teaching you about a piece of the overall development puzzle but sometimes you want to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. That way you can see where those puzzle pieces you have been collecting fit into place. This video is going to be that bigger picture overview. We are going to build a small demo of an MVC application and its accompanying database. We will set up a form to collect data, capture that data, and put it into our database. We will then get that data back out of our database and display it on another form. The goal is to show the data access process from beginning to end in ASP.NET MVC. This won’t be a full application and we won’t complete the full process, since we won’t be putting this in source control, we won’t be deploying this application, and we won’t be setting up authentication.

Resources mentioned in the video

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Source Code from the video:  MVCDataFromDatabaseToForm.zip

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