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Practical Software Training in C# Development for beginners or those who want to get a great foundation. Real world training for real world results.


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THIS IS A PREORDER – The Course Is Under Construction and Will Be Released Summer 2017

Being a software developer can be a very rewarding. You get perks like high pay, fun work environments, the ability to work from home or travel while working, and many more. If that is the type of lifestyle you want, why take your time in getting there? You could search the web for random tutorials, try to figure things out and slowly work your way roughly in the right direction. Or, you could get a guide to help you.

Learn how to become a software developer from an expert developer with over two decades of professional experience in the industry and more than five years of experience as a college professor. If that alone doesn’t convince you, let’s discuss a few other points:

  • If you attended a college class on this subject, you wouldn’t get as much content as you get here, you would only be able to see the lectures once and you would pay more.
  • If you paid someone to tutor you directly, you would get much less content for your money, especially at the level provided here.
  • If you pieced together tutorials and videos from free online sources, you will struggle with a number of varying viewpoints and misinformation. You will also miss key pieces of your education (I know because I did and I’ve seen others do it as well).
  • If you purchase a competing video course, you probably won’t get as practical an education as you do here. This course walks you through two full applications, from concept to reality. This gets you used to building real applications, not just sample apps that don’t really work in the real world.

Time is up. What are you going to do? Are you ready to become a software developer?


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