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Peter Edenburg asked 1 year ago

Hi Tim,
I’ve noticed a change in my programming environment regarding the occurence of exceptions in the MVC follow up course.
First, they presented themselves in my VS – C# code by breaking on the line that caused it. Now, the browser notifies me about the exception. It gives me the necessary line info (line number and module name) about the error, fortunately. But I guess I must have changed something somewhere I’m unaware of. Do you know what might have happened? I have VS prof 2017.
Thanks in advance,

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Tim Corey answered 1 year ago

That sounds like a configuration issue in Visual Studio because it should be able to take you to the code. In the Tools menu, select Options. On the left list, select Debugging. That is where all the debugging settings are for Visual Studio. Off of the top of my head, I think you should check to be sure the “Enable Just My Code” is checked. You might need to play around with other settings. Worst case, if you don’t want to play with it too much, you can put a breakpoint in your code right before the error to see what the state of your application is at that point.

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