QuestionsCategory: Course QuestionsWould use of SQL Server/SSMS 2017 cause me any great annoyance in trying to follow the SQL course I bought from you?
awethor asked 7 months ago

I ask because 2016 (SSMS 16.5.3) is a steaming pile of dung!  I’ve had to restart the thing twice already, once when trying to add a view, and again when I found that use of the delete and backspace keys had frozen when trying to edit a template-generated stored proc (I could type characters but could not delete them.)
I like to try to use the same version tools as the teacher, but this is becoming exasperating (got any lessons that use Oracle(/TOAD) or MySql? 🙂

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Tim Corey answered 7 months ago

Hmmm, that sounds odd. I’ve never had those types of problems with any version of SQL. That’s a real bummer when the tools don’t work the way they should. As for using SQL 2017, you should not have any problems. I do not believe 2017 removed anything and all of the things I will show you in the course could probably be done on any version of SQL from 2005 on (although I would not recommend going back that far).

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