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Intro to Unit Testing – Video and Resources

How To Test Your Code Effectively

Testing your code can made you a better developer. Did you know that? It’s true. When you write unit tests, you will become more aware of units of work and separating methods out into just one unit of work. Testing also makes it easier to update a project. If you make a change and all the tests still pass, you probably didn’t break anything. Finally, testing helps you ensure that your logic is correct before your code ever gets to production. Because of all of these reasons, I thought it was important to introduce this topic. Make sure to download the project file below so you can do your homework.

Project file download: Intro to Unit Testing Source Code

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  • TXKayakDancer says:

    Great introduction add refresher on unit testing. I’ve never used xUnit previously but now I’m going to give it a try.

    Please warn your viewers that they need to install MSTest.TestAdapter and MSTest.TestFramework if they want to see the xUnit tests from the Demo in Visual Studio Test explorer.


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