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Weekly Challenge: Error Handling in C#

Challenge: Error Handling in C#

Challenges are for testing your skill and understanding of a specific topic. The purpose is not to write complete applications but instead to write just enough to test out your knowledge of one particular piece. This process of testing out what you learn is critical for learning a topic well. You have to practice what you learn. This is that practice. For more information on what this particular challenge is about, check out this video:



Video Help

Sometimes you need to refresh your mind on a topic. Here is a link to help you do that for this video: Handling Exceptions in C#

Starter Code



You don’t have to purchase the solution. You would only need to purchase something if you get stuck or want to see how I would do it.

Tim’s Solution (Source Code): Buy Now: $5.00

Tim’s Take (Video of Tim completing the challenge): Buy Now: $10.00

Challenge Bundle (Source code and Video): Buy Now: $15.00

Let Us Know You Completed It

If you have Twitter (a fairly good social network for developers to be on), click the following link to post that you completed the challenge. Who knows, you might even get retweeted by Tim: Click to Prepare Tweet

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