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Weekly Challenge: foreach in C#

Challenge: foreach in C#

Challenges are for testing your skill and understanding of a specific topic. The purpose is not to write complete applications but instead to write just enough to test out your knowledge of one particular piece. This process of testing out what you learn is critical for learning a topic well. You have to practice what you learn. This is that practice. For more information on what this particular challenge is about, check out this video:



Starter Code

For this particular video, there is no starter code. Some challenges will have code to get you started quicker.


You don’t have to purchase the solution. You would only need to purchase something if you get stuck or want to see how I would do it. This first lesson is free so you can see how it will work normally. I want you to be sure you know what you are getting if you do decide to make a purchase in the future.

Tim’s Solution (Source Code) ForeachChallengeSolutionSourceCode.zip

Tim’s Take (Video of Tim completing the challenge) foreach-Challenge-Video.mp4

Challenge Bundle (Source code and Video): (since they are free, just download the above two items)

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  • Didier says:

    Hi Tim

    I love this “Weekly Challenge” new serie. It helps me to keep practicing C#.
    Waiting for the next one.

    Thanks for your hard work and way of teaching us!

    Best regards

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